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Buy a copy of the Balenciaga locomotive bag online

The luxury brand Balenciaga, led by its creative director Demna Gvasalia, is moving away from all the images of the past and is driving young people crazy with its street style and in recent years has become an iconic brand in the world of fashion with the Triple S, but in the past the brand has made replica balenciaga uk the leader in IT bags with a bag called Motorcyle Bag. After 20 years, at this year’s autumn/winter 2020 show, the Parisian brand is back with a new version of the locomotive bag that many are super excited about. So what do you know about this bag, or how much do you know about it? If you want to get your hands on one this time, take a look down!

This classic bag was designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, the current Creative Director of Louis Vuitton, when he was at the helm of the Parisian house, and was a topic of conversation when he took over the brand at the age of 25 when he took over Balenciaga, having interned with Jean Paul Gaultier before taking over.

The bag has a lot of tassels that look like decorative tassels, but in the designer’s imagination, he wanted the rider to be able to grab the tassels and then pull the bag open to claim the items.

Nicolas Ghesquière launched this luxury motorcycle bag in 2000 as a fashion show accessory, but it was not well received at the time, as many brands were pushing for a minimalist style.

The Parisian heritage motorcycle bag launched in 2000 was actually not very good in appearance at that year, and the reason why it was most unattractive to women was that its soft and collapsed shape was very different from the hard design that the people who bought the bag back then were looking for, plus the lambskin was too delicate leather and did not have a prominent logo, and at the same time did not have an eye-catching color scheme, so the bag was once unappreciated.

This Parisian biker bag took a turn for the better in 2004, when many actresses took to the streets with this bag, and the soft, washed-out style became its characteristic.

replica balenciaga bags has developed a series of “bikes” from the early City, First, Work, Weekender, Part Time, Velo, Twiggy, Town to Mini.

The most famous appearance of the Parisian bicycle bag is the 12 rivets on the bag, these metal fasteners are roughly divided into two sizes, and the most commonly compared are the Gaint 21 and Gaint 12 of the City series.

After the popularity of the motorcycle bag, these rivets became the best identification mark of cheap balenciaga uk , and the brand extended the brand to many peripheral products, the most popular of which is the riveted design bracelet.

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