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Buy Balenciaga replica Tanabata new bag online

The clash between beauty and ugliness has always been a focal point of the fashion world, with the two being mutually exclusive and yet permeating each other, and often what we don’t understand or even find offensive at the moment is gradually embraced by the general public in a few years.

For luxury brands, which aim to lead rather than follow fashion trends, it is not only important to create logical hits within accepted aesthetic standards, but also to speak out differently, to break the aesthetic boundaries of convention and to open up new spaces for creativity and imagination – the latest living example being The “ replica balenciaga uk ” has recently been screened by both sides of the fence.

This August, the French luxury brand replica balenciaga bags is launching a special collection for its new collection.

Launched the limited edition 2020 Tanabata “Hourglass Bag” special collection in red, black, pink and white in the brand’s Tmall flagship store, with “I love you” and “You love me” printed on the product. “I love me” and “He loves me” in a specially designed Chinese art font.

SEGUINNESS Paris 2020 Hourglass Bag Special Collection Pink Edition

What really sparked the conversation was the advertising campaign that accompanied the product, in which a man gives a woman a limited edition red handbag in one of the promotional photos. The couple is standing in front of an old landscape poster of an apparent waterfall, with flowers and hearts pasted into the background with the words “Love me and let my red heart envelop you” printed inside the heart.

Parisian House 2020 Tanabata advertising campaign

The contrast between high luxury and rustic atmosphere has given rise to a new internet buzzword, “Tucoo”. A netizen commented on Weibo, “All of these photos seem to have been taken in 1990s rural photography studios. They are completely behind the times.”

cheap balenciaga uk , this style has been around for a long time, and is not unique to the Chinese Tanabata project. I find the definition of ugliness very interesting, and I also find it fascinating to be challenged to find the boundaries between what is ugly and what is beautiful and what is ugly,” said the brand’s current creative director in a previous interview. I think my style represents a certain part of fashion, so I feel happy when someone says my work looks ugly, because that’s a compliment.

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