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Acquista copia di seta nera stampata dalla famiglia parigina a buon mercato online nell’autunno 2020

When you walk down the street these days, you see all kinds of outfits, and it’s really no joke to mix and match. Suit pants, some people wear little black pants and some people wear leggings. But there’s another kind of people, they wear black stockings, and nowadays people have a less twisted understanding of black stockings, and a lot of ladies’ It’s also starting to go out in it. Parisian House is a centuries-old luxury women’s brand, and it recently launched a printed black silk that is so popular that many of the Little sister wore her and I must say big brands are classy!

The replica balenciaga uk member of the trio is the lady in black silk in the middle, who chooses to wear an outfit that doesn’t have a bit of flair to it or give a Subtle “fleshless” expression, that is, a daily and advanced way to wear. No surprises, Miss this body wear should be so far mother look also will not hit you series, very pleasing. She chose to use white sports underwear with a black casual suit, with a pair of black wool-edged jeans, if you have a meat belly, you can Opt for tight knit suspenders.

cheap balenciaga uk black silk stockings from Parisian House, with their own lettered logo that’s both well known and borrowed by others. Two birds with one stone. More recognizable and designed than the usual bare black silk, the lady paired it with a mid-length black jacket. The outer tie waistband defines the waist. The embroidered denim here plays a role in brightening up the overall tone, and the inner high-collar striped jersey form the echo, rich layers. The black silk is very full, imagine if you replace the black silk with white stockings or a thighless design. It is particularly awkward and large areas of white can look particularly drab.

There are many ways to match black silk stockings, especially this versatile type of printed black silk, which can be found in any style and any item. You can pair it with your work outfit like a lady, or if you are a female white collar worker of a certain status in your company, then you dress up! It can be relatively modern. Many professional suits will go with black silk, and rather than choosing the same undesigned black silk as everyone else, it’s better to go with black silk without violating company rules. Also choose this printed black silk that increases your value.

Another particularly important point about wearing black silk stockings is what shoes to pair them with, because people will draw the main attention to you because of your black silk stockings Fixed on the lower half of the body, it is natural to also measure your shoes. Nowadays, black stockings are usually attached to the feet, but there are some ladies who prefer a non-attached design, and this kind of foot-stomping black stocking will require Very careful with the shoes, remember not to put a pair of socks on top of the black stockings, and do not use foot-stomping black stockings with small, low-top leather shoes. The ankle will reveal a bit of semi-openwork design, especially dirt, you can and Miss, choose to match with high patent leather boots, senior and Keeping up with trends.

Many people will complain that I’m too fat to wear Copia le calze nere di Balenciaga , while others say I have an extremely large butt and thick thighs and want to wear them but are afraid to Wear, in fact, these problems that people are responding to are not problems at all, because it can be easily solved and it’s not about getting you through fitness and weight loss . You can learn from the lady and use a long coat with black stockings to cover up your flesh and satisfy your idea of wearing black silk, if you want to be invisible! It’s the method that’s best for the slightest fat girl.

In addition to the above five in the dressing method and need to pay attention to matters, Miss this body similar to the student party dressing style can also manage black stockings. . The average person would only think of pairing a black hooded sweatshirt with little black pants or jeans, and few would think of pairing it with black stockings as well. And it can show another kind of beauty. This black stocking is a little thicker and heavier in color than the first one, which is more suitable for a slender lady.