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I first started wanting a Balenciaga bag in March of last year, when I saw this picture,buy MY FIRST BALENCIAGA BAG replica

I’m not familiar with LeAnn Rimes, how good is her bag? I love the pouch – I’ve needed it my whole life! I started researching Valenciaga and found a few things. replica balenciaga bags

The style of bag is called ” First” and is the latest version of the LeDix motorcycle bag first made in 2001.
Originally it was a bag made of goatskin (Chevrolet). Since 2006/2007, they have switched to lambskin (Agno). Many bar lovers prefer the old Chevre leather because it’s thick and “chewy”. The price of a Chevre bag can be the same as long as it does not exceed the price of a new Agno bag.
Bar leather is soft and easy to change color. Darker colors will fade unless they are protected from sunlight, while lighter colors will be affected by color changes and process darkening.
Choosing a MY bag can be tricky. These bags are an investment, but unlike other high-end bags (e.g. Chanel), their appearance can change over time, even with careful use. I don’t want to end up with a worn out bag!

I went to the local Valencia Gacounter (Holtranfrew). The first style doesn’t have a lot of color, as other styles (such as urban) are more popular. Currently, the main colours are purple (violet), cyclamen (pink) and black. In the meantime, we’re checking reputable/recommended e-stores for mint bags from last season. I finally purchased Black from Holt Renfrew first and Mint Sahara Desert online first.

Which one do you choose? As you can clearly see from these pictures, the supermodel has opted for “black”, while the reality star has chosen “Sahara LOL”.
After all, my heart is in a Sahara Desert bag and this is the bag I keep (I don’t think this is supermodel material!) .

I also purchased the replica balenciaga trainers Leather Protector Set from Lovin My Bags to keep my skin from darkening and appearing blotchy (fingers crossed). I want to make more use of this bag and provide reliable support!

I’m still looking for a Chanel WOC from my husband and I called the Chanel store but apparently it’s not in stock until October!

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